The actors

They are not 13 anymore, but they still have a child's soul. Portraits of the conductor, Jean-Pierre and the young scientist, Nathalie.

They were between 9 and 13 at this time, and each of them played a key role in this adventure. Some got specialised in marine mammals, others more comfortable with writing, collaborated to the writing of different texts. Who are they and how has this adventure influenced their future?

The scientist: Nathalie Morata

I have always been interested in sciences. After my undergraduate studies in Biology in my hometown, Pau, France, I went backpacking in Australia, were I discovered the marine environment. I decided to understake marine science studies, and I discovered that polar areas were much more exciting than tropics. When I learned that my application for a PhD at the University of Connecticut had been accepted, and that I would participate in 3 oceanographic cruises in the Arctic, I decided to share this opportunity with people from my home town.

I had an interview with Radio Pais, a radio in "bearnais", the regional language of my area, where I spoke about my plan. I was also interviewed by the newspapers "La République" and "l'Eclair des Pyrénées".

In order to sentitize elementary school children to polar areas, climate change, and oceans, I visited the classroom of Jean-Pierre Laclau, where I explained them water cycle, polar areas, marine ecosystem, and how I was going to study all of this while onboard an icebreaker in the Arctic. We kept in cyber contact during my field work on board the Amundsen, during the CASES program (see also, and our collaboration led to the achievement of la Carotte de Classe.

Once my PhD completed, I left the US and went to live in Norway, where I work on a postdoc at the University of Tromso. I keep working on the Arctic ecosystem, climate change and ocean acidification. I keep my outreach activities in particular along with APECS, an association I am a council member of.



Radio Pais 26/11/03

Interview of Nathalie
And of Jean Pierre


L'Eclair    01/12/03    

La République01/12/03 


The conductor: Jean-Pierre Laclau, teacher

My professional career led me to work for the “French League of Teaching”, a foundation dedicated to people’s education. I was assigned various responsibilities within this group, from the local to the European level. My missions ranged from adult training and educational support to developing countries to audiovisual techniques and photography. I also got involved in a session of “L’Université de la Communication de Hourtin”, ICTS and various cultural happenings.

As a spokesman for “the Economic and Social Council of Aquitaine”, I wrote several reports about the integration of environmental issues into regional policies. My concern for the environment caused me to attend university classes and to get a Master and Post-Master degree in “Town and Country Planning and Development”, dealing with the issue of industrial wastes and the concept of sustainable development applied to the territory of Aquitaine.

As a school teacher, I used the knowledge I had acquired during my professional course within my classes, for the benefit of my pupils. I led different educational programs related to the Antarctic, the Arctic, Industrial wastes, the selective sorting of household wastes, air pollution, the oil slicks caused by the Prestige in the Bay of Biscay…
My meeting with Nathalie and the CASES mission gave me the opportunity to develop a teaching program that was both original and motivating for my pupils.

Having acquired experiences and skills in writing articles for various newspapers, I also took part in an educational program which consisted in publishing a paper written by my pupils. This academic program definitely bolstered their creativity. Indeed, the techniques of informing and communicating are necessary stages for the building of knowledge.
“La   Carotte de Classe” made it possible for me to set up and promote this academic experience as well as check the relevance of a new and promising educational approach.

Currently, I am still dedicated to environmental issues and policies. The concept of sustainable development also arouses my interest. I write articles aiming at developing a critical mind, popularizing and sensitizing my readers about controversial issues. Most of them are published in a local newspaper called Factotum.


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